A huge audience is what every startup wishes for, right?

Yes, definitely that is true. It is a natural tendency that every startup would want to have a number of website visitors, a number of customers, subscribers and users.

So why do startups worry about getting a huge audience? What is the actual point of concern?

The major point of concern is getting a huge audience at the lowest possible cost. Does it actually incur a lot of expenses? No, if you are aware of the right ways of getting audience then it would not cost that much. The secret…

An idea is the key element of setting up a startup business. Whether your idea is a decent one or a great one, it does not matter until you work on your idea. Having a concrete idea and implementing it in the best possible way is the actual guide to the set up of a startup business.

You must be thinking that getting an idea and just implementing it is a very easy task.

Do you know what all does it take to implement an idea in terms of setting up a startup business?

Before you can implement your idea and successfully set up your startup, there a lot of steps that you should definitely follow. …

Startups are set up so as to bring a unique product or service in the market.

Setting up a startup is not that difficult but figuring out ways to set it apart from other businesses is difficult.

It is very important for a business to stand out and pull ahead of its competition. The development of that image and trust is necessary for your startup to have visibility and have a overall growth.

What is that one feature that can make your startup stand out from others?


You must be thinking why credibility is one of those features. It is because when a unique product or service is being offered to the customers…

With an advancement in technology, the launch of brands is increasing and the existing ones are getting advanced.

Is Digital Marketing a boon to startups?

In order to compete in the market and survive the cut-throat competition against the fellow startups, it has become very important for these startups to come up with better marketing strategies. According to CB insights, a startup can fail due to a lack of marketing of the product. The optimum utilization of the limited budget that startups have, is an essential factor for reaching out to the customers and generating revenue.

Brands have started using new techniques and strategies of marketing, one…


You must have heard people saying, “This is a single solution to all my problems and needs or this has solved all my problems and needs.” Do such things actually exist? Yes, there are such things that actually solve all your problems and fulfill all your needs. These things provide you complete satisfaction.

If we deep dive into the word, “one-stop-solution,” then by the name itself it is understood that at a single place you can get a range of products or services. Such a place will act as a solution to all the specific problems and needs as it…

Social media has become the go-to platform for new businesses as well as the existing ones!

Why is it so?

The answer is quite simple. Businesses are trying to make most out of these social media platforms. By making social media profiles, businesses are trying to connect with their audience on a one-to-one basis. About $17.74 billion was spent by the advertisers worldwide on social media, in 2014.

There are about more than 3 billion people who are using different social media platforms. …

Are you planning to design a logo? If yes, then it’s great.

Do you think designing a logo is an easy task? If yes, then may be you are wrong.

The businesses aim to reach a large number of audience. The marketers are the ones who help these businesses in reaching out to the customers and engaging with them in the most effective ways.

You must be thinking what role does a logo play in this?

The role plays a very important role as it portrays the very first impression of your brand or business and reflects the identity of your brand or business.

First let’s look at,

What is a logo?

A logo does not…

Ever thought of Co-Working,

Year 2021 is continuing with the same spirit of the year 2020 and with the same aroma. Office buildings were closed in 2020 with a hope to re-open in 2021 but the buildings are appearing like a dust of doom now. Employees have a mundane routine of work that they are executing from their own places. People get bored of seeing the same home walls and working alone or working virtually with the whole office where you get to meet your colleagues but on laptop screens.

In this pragmatic situation, why can’t people work together at…

Startup businesses are the result of the implementation of creative and out-of-the-box business ideas.

Startups have a freedom in terms of what they do. Startups also face issues and stress related to the finances and many other aspects. Marketing also plays a very crucial role in startups. Traditional marketing is what businesses have been relying on but with advancements in technologies, the new trends in marketing are being adopted by businesses. Many businesses have started investing in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has taken over and is ruling every industry.

The best way to make the most out of this trend…

You are almost done with your under-graduation or post-graduation and now you are all set to enter the new phase of life. You want to apply your learnings and want to enter that corporate world, right?

Yes! Obviously you must be looking for a good job.

Is it that easy to decide where you want to work? No. There are multiple job options in front of you but are you sure about them? Your mind must be racing with several thoughts, one of them being-

Should I consider a high-paying job with a reputable brand or should I go for a job with less pay with a small startup?

People often have this thought that whether they should take the risk of joining a…

Khushbu Tulsian

A marketing enthusiast pursuing MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

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