Creative and cost-effective Digital Marketing ideas for startups

Digital Marketing has taken over and is ruling every industry.

The best way to make the most out of this trend is to embrace it and make it advantageous for our business. Whether it is a new startup business or an existing one, digital marketing will help each one of them to grow and succeed. Let’s look at some tips for Digital Marketing in startups:

  1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)- Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique that involves organic activities, the ones that are not paid. Whereas SEM involves activities that are paid. You can improve the search engine rankings of your website paying for this service which will also serve as a guarantee.
  2. Social Media- Do you use social media? Obviously. Today, billions of people use social media. You would have come across numerous advertisements while surfing the social media platforms. These advertisements form a part of Digital Marketing through social media. Maintaining a frequency of creative and relevant posts on social media is what aims to customer engagement. A high customer engagement leads to the growth in your brand reputation and name.
  3. Web Analytics- Web analytics forms a very important part of Digital Marketing. It helps in providing the data regarding the visitors to the website, their age group, geographic locations and their gender. This data further helps in determining the target customers, their behaviors and their interests. These detailed insights will help you in developing further marketing strategies.

Thus, make DIGITAL MARKETING one of your friends!



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Khushbu Tulsian

Khushbu Tulsian

A marketing enthusiast pursuing MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.