Evolving Co-working spaces

Ever thought of Co-Working,

Year 2021 is continuing with the same spirit of the year 2020 and with the same aroma. Office buildings were closed in 2020 with a hope to re-open in 2021 but the buildings are appearing like a dust of doom now. Employees have a mundane routine of work that they are executing from their own places. People get bored of seeing the same home walls and working alone or working virtually with the whole office where you get to meet your colleagues but on laptop screens.

In this pragmatic situation, why can’t people work together at a place where different office employees get to know each other and can work together.

CO-WORKING Spaces, do they exist???

Yes, such places do exist. Co-working spaces are shared office environments for independent professionals and have been increasing rapidly. In 2015, 7,800 spaces existed worldwide with a growth rate of 83% from 2012 to 2013 and of 36% from 2014 to 2015.Various professionals, predominantly independent ones such as freelancers or remote workers, use these spaces as their places of business. Most of these independent professionals worked from home prior to renting a place of work in a co-working space, where they may have suffered from feeling of isolation, among other problems. Thus, co-working spaces represent one possible buffer against isolation by providing, in addition to business infrastructure, the opportunity for social interaction.

Does Co-working place provide a fresh fragrance or does it increase the productivity of employees???

Many of the current employees want to change their workplaces and therefore they are moving from one city to another city in order to gain some extra productivity. But with the implementation of the idea of co-working spaces, the office employees will get the proper work environment and will not have to look for any other places.

The idea of co-working spaces has been well implemented but the only issue that lies here is that people are not very aware about them. It is important to spread information and knowledge about them. One of the best ways to do so is to use Digital Marketing strategies. In my previous blogs, I have talked about various such strategies, glance through them to get an idea. Also, one of those strategies is to hire an external agency to help co-working workplaces with all such issues.

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