• Divyani Yadav

    Divyani Yadav

  • Beck Chen

    Beck Chen

    Software dude, violinist, watch-modding enthusiast. Product manager @Woven Planet Tokyo

  • MyHistoryFeed


    The “Receptionist” @ Facebook

  • Ignatius Sani

    Ignatius Sani

    Full Stack Web Developer || Software Engineering Instructor at Careerfoundry follow me on Twitter today at https://twitter.com/iggy_code.

  • TheCodeWork


    TheCodeWork helps early-stage startups validate their business ideas in the market using the minimum viable product (MVP) approach.

  • Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah

    Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah

    As an experienced management professional and entrepreneur, I wish to share ideas stir and add value to the thought process of my worthy readers.

  • Prince Gupta

    Prince Gupta

  • Kazol


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