Should I choose a Startup over a Corporate Job?

You are almost done with your under-graduation or post-graduation and now you are all set to enter the new phase of life. You want to apply your learnings and want to enter that corporate world, right?

Yes! Obviously you must be looking for a good job.

Is it that easy to decide where you want to work? No. There are multiple job options in front of you but are you sure about them? Your mind must be racing with several thoughts, one of them being-

Should I consider a high-paying job with a reputable brand or should I go for a job with less pay with a small startup?

People often have this thought that whether they should take the risk of joining a small startup over a reputable brand. This thought makes them very unsure about further decisions and it might also sometimes lead them to take the wrong decisions. Here a number of reasons for joining a startup over a reputed brand have been stated:

  1. Increased number of responsibilities: Working in a startup calls in for extra responsibilities as the number of people in the team is very less. Due to a less number of people, it is obvious that the responsibilities for every person will increase as there will only one person of a particular skillset. It will be your part to take care of all your responsibilities.
  2. Professional growth: Working in a startup is a complete pack of opportunities. You have the opportunity to build upon your existing skills, gain experience, add value to the startup and also take up numerous responsibilities.
  3. Personal Growth: You definitely get an opportunity to work towards personal growth. With new responsibilities, try to develop your skills and nurture yourself in the best possible way. From taking up responsibilities to being a team player, you get the chance to have an overall personal growth.
  4. Creative work environment: Startups have less number of people in the team so they generally have creative workspaces unlike companies. These creative office workspaces are designed in such a way that they provide a pleasant and creative work environment to the employees. This helps in keeping them motivated and further leads to increase in productivity.
  5. Learning from innovators: The people who set up their startups and businesses have a different mindset and a different way of thinking. A new startup calls for creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. These entrepreneurs have an ability to identify the problems and come up with innovative solutions for them. When you will work in a startup, you will be in a direct contact with that creative and innovative mind. This will help you in learning a lot from these innovators.
  6. Flexible work schedule: Numerous responsibilities and looking into different works provides you a chance to negotiate the work schedule as per your convenience. A flexible work schedule is generally what people are looking for in current times.
  7. Builds network: You get a lot of opportunities to attend seminars, webinars and be a part of small meetups. Also, you get a chance to interact with your clients with respect to your job role. These opportunities provide you a chance to build a strong professional network with like-minded professionals. Building upon your professional contacts is always helpful in some or the other way.
  8. Job opportunities of high-level: Once you join a startup, you are basically starting from the very beginning. With ever-changing startups and by playing your job role properly you will be bale to get high-level job opportunities.

Working at a startup is in itself a big deal as it is you and your team on whom its success depends. When I joined Swio Corporate & ITES Private Limited, one-stop-solution to all the business needs, I had an amazing experience. My interest in Digital Marketing and the urge to learn more helped me in gaining a lot of experience. Coming up with creative ideas and implementing them was a part of the journey which helped me in working on my existing skills. I actually realized that I was grabbing the opportunity to have an overall professional and personal growth.

Move out of the crowd and help yourself by not relying on others. An experience and new learning is all that matters and is a proof to your efforts and success. An experience with a startup forms the base of your corporate world experience and molds you in the best possible way.

Grab the opportunities! Make a smart choice!

A marketing enthusiast pursuing MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.